Science Faculty

Test tubesThe Science faculty is managed by its Principal Teacher, Mr Abercrombie.

There are a number of teachers in each subject area within this faculty. They include:

  • Ms Bell    (Physics)
  • Mrs Church   (Physics)
  • Mr Dow   (Physics)
  • Ms Cannie   (Chemistry)
  • Mr Cochrane   (Chemistry)
  • Mrs Higgins   (Chemistry)
  • Miss McKerlie   (Chemistry)
  • Mrs Robertson (Chemistry)
  • Mrs Cunningham   (Biology)
  • Miss Roberts  (Biology)
  • Miss McGowan   (Biology)
  • Mr Gallacher (Biology)

The Science Faculty is also supported by three technicians.

  • Mr Harris (Senior Technician)
  • Mr Higgins (Senior Technician)
  • Mr Campbell (Technician) 

Further details of all of the courses on offer from the science department will appear here shortly.

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