School Clothing Grants

As a school we encourage the wearing of school uniform but realise that for some parents this can involve a considerable financial outlay, particularly if they have more than one child to support.

You can obtain an application form for a clothing grant from the school. This grant is normally reviewed each session. The following information has been provided by Inverclyde Council.

1.If a pupil is currently receiving a clothing grant, then a renewal form will be posted to the pupil's home.
2.The school holds a small number of forms for "New Applicants".
3.All school age children in the family should be included on the one form. (Not one per pupil).
4.Grants are normally given to parents in receipt of Income Support or Child Tax Credit. (With an upper limit of £15,575 per household).
5.Parents in receipt of Working Tax Credit or Incapacity Benefit do not qualify for a clothing grant.
6.The grant is £60.

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