School Uniform

School Badge

School Badge

The new school unifrom was developed by involving pupils, parents and staff from Gourock High School, Greenock Academy, Ardgowan Primary School, Garvel School, Gourock Primary School and Moorfoot Primary School, to choose the colours, designs and items that would be worn.

Smiths of Greenock are currently working with the schools to develop other items for the new uniform.  You can currently order the school uniform at Smiths, where a display of the different items of clothing can also be viewed. We work closely with Smiths and they are normally present at the parental visits to the new school.

The following uniform will be in place for the start of the school.

  • School Blazer: black with Purple braid and school badge
  • Shirt: White
  • Tie: Junior Tie (S1 -S4), Senior Tie (S5 - S6)
  • Trousers: Black
  • Skirts: Black
  • Jumper: Black
  • P.E clothing: White Clydeview polo top, purple or black Clydeview Sweatshirt

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