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BasketballSeptember 2017 - This page is currently being updated.

Consent form have been added for Sports and Studio D Drama Group.  Paper copies can be picked up from the PE Department (Sports) and Mr Bowman (Studio D).

At Clydeview Academy, we recognise the importance of encouraging our pupils to be involved in the wider life of the school.  Full details of these is announced once the school is up and running in August.  So keep an eye out for the latest news.

Clubs already operating:

Monday Activities

Club/Activity Time Location Member(s) of Staff
LGBTI+ Group Lunchtime Music 2 Mr Leith
Girls' Vocal Group Lunchtime Music 3 Mrs Beck
S1/S2 Music Group Lunchtime Music 1 Mr Beck/Mr Stables
Boys' Vocal Group 13.45 – 16.45 Music 3 Mr Beck
Basketball Club 15.45 - 16.45 Games Hall Mrs Harkness
S4 Homework Club 15.45 – 16.45 Library Mrs McAdam

Tuesday Activities

Club/Activity Time Location Member(s) of Staff
Jazz Band Lunchtime Music 2 Mr Gillies

Philosophy Café

Lunchtime Social Subjects Mrs Tait
Athletics 15.45 - 16.45 PE Dept. Mrs Forster

More details to follow.

Other Activities

Clydeview Academy Football Team:

If there are any pupils who are interested in joining Clydeview Academy Football Team could they please speak to the relevant teacher in their department:

Under 13/14’s (S1-S2) Mr Lamont / Mr Wight
Under 15’s (S3) Mr Baillie
Under 18’s (S5-6) Mr Todd (Head Teacher)/Mr Wight (PE)
S1-S4 girls Football Team Ms Smith (Geography) / Ms Miller (Modern Studies)

Throughout the session, the English Department organise various Theatre Trip.  Plans in place so far include, Theatre trip S3-S6 to see "The Woman in Black" and the S1 Panto.

Students and staff can also take part in the Fringe on Friday event and also our school shows.  Rehearsal times for these are arranged by the Music Department.

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