Clydeview Academy and Namadidi CDSS - School Partnership

Malawi Committee Fairtrade Coffee Morning March 2013Clydeview Academy is partnered with a school in Malawi: Namididi Community District Secondary School. The deputy head, Florence, and the former head teacher, Diverson, visited Clydeview Academy shortly before it opened in 2011. Since their visit, Blackson has become the new head teacher of the school after thieves attacked Diverson as he tried to prevent them from stealing the new electricity generator which had recently been installed in the school.

Malawi Committee Fairtrade Coffee Morning March 2013 
Mr John McIndoe, the recently retired former deputy head of Greenock Academy, has been keen to establish meaningful links between the two schools and to maintain existing links between each of the Inverclyde Schools and their partner schools in Malawi. He has made several visits to Malawi and has shared messages, photos and videos of life in each area of the partnerships so that both parties have a clearer insight into how the others live, the challenges they rise to and the rich tapestry of life experienced across the continents.

Malawi Committee Fairtrade Coffee Morning March 2013

The Malawi Committee is working hard to raise money for Namadidi CDSS to support projects to encourage and enable pupils to attend school. They have organised a swap shop which takes place every Wednesday in the social area and are grateful for any donations of DVDs, CDs and books. Any pupil who makes a donation is awarded a raffle ticket to give them a chance of winning a free lunch pass or box of sweets.

Malawi Committee Fairtrade Coffee Morning March 2013They have also held raffles of hampers and other prizes throughout the year
Handbags, paintings and jewellery made by the Girl Guides in Namadidi have also been sold at Parents’ Evenings and social evenings as the Malawi committee is keen to raise awareness of the partnership that has existed between the two schools for several years. The committee has also recycled hand bags and had very successful sales to raise funds.

Malawi Committee Fairtrade Coffee Morning March 2013Miss Elaine Straine of the Business Department also kindly donated a lottery win to the cause. Her money was used to buy a camera to send to the school so that photographs and video footage could be shared between the two schools.

“Let There Be Light!” is the name of the charity organised by the committee to provide new pylons so that Namadidi CDSS can link up to the main electricity supply and not need to rely on generators.

The Malawi Committee has also started the process of working towards Fairtrade status and the S6 committee is handing over to the new S2 Fairtrade committee to continue their work as the S6 pupils move on to pastures new.

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