The ALS ice bucket challenge gone viral!

Bucket challengeOver the last few weeks many people all over the world, including celebrities like Charlie Sheen, Cheryl Cole, Matt Damon, Shakira, Will Smith and many more, have taken part in raising awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis also known as ALS. People have raised awareness by participating in doing an ice bucket challenge. This is an activity involving pouring a bucket of ice water on someone’s head and encourages people to donate by nominating friends or family members after the person has taken part in it.

In our school many pupils have taken part; many members of staff such as Mrs Bowman, Mrs Jack, Mrs Devlin and Mr & Mrs Beck have also participated in raising awareness.
We asked them a few questions.

Here is what Mrs Bowman had to say:
“I did it for a good cause and because I was nominated. I also have relatives who have suffered from cancer, unfortunately, so the cause is important to me. I donated as well.”

Mrs Jack said:
“I did it so I could donate to charity because the charity is very close to my myself and my family”

So far £60,000,000 has been raised by people who are participating in the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness!
Since last year there has been a 3,500% increase from the 2.8 million pounds that the ALS association raised this time last year when the ice bucket challenge came about. More than 3 million people world-wide have donated!

We would just like to say well done to all the pupils and staff that have participated and donated to the ALS association and have helped raise awareness for this terrible illness! #ALSicebucketchallenge

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