Clydeview Academy S3 pupils meet local Entrepreneur John Burleigh and his Burns Bunnets

Bunnet 1After a very successful summer promoting his bespoke headwear at the Commonwealth Games, during the Referendum campaign, and at the Ryder Cup Golf event, local Greenock entrepreneur, John Burleigh, took time out of his busy schedule to visit Clydeview Academy and share his knowledge and experience with the S3 students of CfE Business and Finance.

Bunnet 2As part of their course, the 65 students have been learning about the role, skills and qualities of an entrepreneur, running a business as a sole trader or in a partnership and the financial advice and support available to the start-up company. John’s presentation brought life to these topics and demonstrated just how their learning connects to real-life practices.

Throughout the presentation students were able to ask questions relating to their own studies or on any other business area they had burning questions on. For example John was asked for the skills and qualities that he feels most important for the entrepreneur – ‘stickability’ and creativity came top of his list.

Sole trader John also shared that one main motivation he had for starting up his business was to see his prototype come to fruition and be sold across the world. So the idea which started as wedding accessory then became a rugby match adornment now, through a chance conversation, has become a cottage industry which is set to grow. Diversification into new areas such as Aga hot plate covers and soft tops for sports cars are two areas which our students learned may be further developed in the future.

Keeping in the company of celebrities such as musician Nicola Benedetti, actor James Nesbit, Usain Bolt and the Jamaican sprint relay team – as well as famous Glasgow statues such as the Duke of Wellington and Donald Dewar - the Clydeview students queued up at the end of the lesson to have a ‘selfie’ wearing the tam-o-shanter style hats. Not to miss out, the teaching staff did likewise!

Student Quotes :-

“I found the talk very informative and enjoyed hearing about all the ideas that he has and the ones he hasn’t let anyone else hear about yet” – Ruth

“I found it fascinating learning about John’s Burns Bunnets and his other creative products. The time and effort put into his products are outstanding. Such a simple but innovative idea” – Emily

“It was interesting to hear how John got the idea for his Tam O’Shanter product that he had made for his wedding then decided to develop and improve on it”. – Ewan

“What I found interesting was about how John managed to get Usain Bolt to wear his Burns Bunnet” – Kyle

“I liked John’s creativity and his presentation was entertaining and informative at the same time” - Madeline

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