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On the 29th of September 19 pupils from Clydeview Academy, boarded a very slow, noisy bus and headed to BBC Scotland to interview Whitbread Children’s Book Award Winner, David Almond.
David Almond started the show explaining what age he was when he started to write stories. David replied that he was forty-six years old when his first children’s book was published but his fascination in writing began at a young age. Apparently his interest in writing developed in his uncle’s printing shop when the local paper started to print, young David was flabbergasted at the prospect of black ink on paper.
Clydeview Academy pupils were inspired by David’s childhood. As a young boy David played football on a small patch of grass in the middle of the road but, to David, this patch of grass might as well been Wembley Stadium or St. James’ Park.

This is he said what nurtured his imagination. David also explained the way he wrote stories. He showed us a book full of scribbles and said “It’s very rare to find a person who can write good stories but everyone can write good bits of stories.” David cherry-picks the best bits and then turns them into award winning stories.

It was a fantastic day and, when asked, Amy said, “I was glad to be invited to the BBC and really enjoyed the experience.” Many pupils enjoyed the opportunity to meet David and looked ecstatic when asked to pose for a photo.


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