P7 Cluster Evening: Juggling Skills

P7 Cluster Evening Garvel pupils May 2013After a very successful and entertaining Cluster Evening, where pupils from each of the primary schools associated with Clydeview Academy gave a highly creative and entertaining programme ranging from a programme designed to raise awareness of environmental concerns presented by pupils from Garvel to a Disney themed examination of fairytale characters via the medium of film presented by the pupils of Ardgowan Primary School, it was the turn of Clydeview Academy to welcome the P7 pupils coming into S1.

P7 Skills Awareness May 203Assisted by Mr Robert Lamb and Mrs Jan Cannon, the Enterprise Development officers for Inverclyde and Miss Ruth Olhdag of Education Scotland, Mrs Gillian McArtney, Clydeview Academy’s Deputy Head Teacher for S1 presented a programme which was designed to encourage the pupils to have faith in the skills they had developed in primary school and to be aware of the need for these skills to be transferred to secondary school.
The pupils took part in team building exercises to encourage them to mix and get to know pupils from other schools in tasks ranging from designing a letter to contribute to a final display of what Clydeview Academy represents to them to reflecting upon and contributing to an ideas board to share their perceptions of what a successful and supportive school environment looked like, sounded like and felt like.
Much excitement was caused when the tool kits were handed out to the pupils to equip them for life at secondary school. This included pens, pencils, a water bottle, a post card of advice from S3 pupils, a leaflet about who it was important to know, a map, and most excitingly of all, a juggling kit! This was to represent how managing all of the different challenges at secondary school is a juggling act which becomes easier the more you practise.

P7 Cluster Skills Awareness Day May 2013The day finished off with Clydeview Academy’s very own team of jugglers, led by Mr Todd, organising the pupils into four groups to teach them how to juggle. This was to reflect the fact that teachers and pupils learn in a range of different ways and that all are useful if approached with a positive and focused attitude.
Clydeview Academy staff were very impressed with the enthusiasm and politeness of the pupils and are looking forward to welcoming them to the Induction days on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th June 2013.

P7 Cluster Skills Awareness Day May 2013

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