Information for Parents

parentsAt Clydeview Academy, we recognise the importance of working in partnership with the parents.

Our Parent Council meets on a regular basis with the Head Teacher to discuss current school matters and to give a parental viewpoint on current educational initiatives.  The Parent Council has recently been involved in the process of establishing Clydeview Academy, the appointment of its Senior Management Team and in creating our new school uniform and badge.  Details of recent Parent Council activities can be viewed by clicking on the link on this page.

We aim to support our parents and keep them up to date on what is going on in the school in a number of ways:

  • through parental newsletters, text messaging and telephone communication
  • by highlighting key information on our school website
  • by informing them early of any concerns and inviting them in to the school to discuss the difficulty
  • by identifying the same guidance teacher for siblings as a main contact
  • by reporting back on the progress being made by their children, on a regular basis,
  • by involving parents in making key decisions, such as course option selection and exam support arrangements.
  • by including parents in any review meetings or case conferences
  • by inviting the parents in to see the school in action.

We aim to encourage our pupils to make regular use of GLOW to support their learning.  It is hoped that in the future, we can also extend access to this site to the parents. 

We know that parents will continue to support the school by:

  • contacting us to discuss any problems.
  • informing us of any absences (A telephone call is really helpful and we appreciate greatly, a letter from parents upon the child's return to school).
  • avoiding booking holidays during the school term
  • encouraging their children to wear our lovely new school uniform
  • encouraging their children to follow our school code at all times
  • encouraging their children to create and stick to a revision plan
  • taking an interest in their children's learning, checking that their homework is completed and that course deadlines are met.

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