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RevisionThis page is devoted to the subject of exam support.  In the coming months you will be able to access information related to the S4 - S6 prelim exams, as well as the final SQA exams. 

Full details about exam timings, seating arrangements etc. will be issued to you by Mr Greenshields, nearer to your final exams.  If you are unsure about any aspect of the exam routines, then do come along and discuss it with your Year Head or Mr Bowman (SQA Coordinator). 





The key to success in exams lies in making sure that you:

  • work hard in your classes
  • maintain a set of notes for each subject
  • seek help from your teachers to improve the quality of your work and discuss any difficulties.
  • complete any homework tasks on time
  • complete folio or project work on time, letting your teachers view any initial drafts, as you complete them
  • prepare a study plan, which helps you to cope not only with homework demands but encourages you to revise on a regular basis
  • find and develop revision strategies which suit your style of learning
  • attend any supported study activities offered by your teachers
  • ensure you keep a balanced work/social life
  • do not put off tasks until later.......seize the moment and go for it!

The SQA website is a particularly useful source of information.  Many pupils do not realise that information on the course guidelines, example Past Exam Papers and even marking schemes are all available to pupils. The SQA publishes and distributes a series of helpful leaflets to pupils, which can help them to understand their involvement in the exam processes.  A timetable of dates for the final exam diet is normally published online by the SQA at the start of each session (www.sqa.org.uk)

If you are worried or stressed by the thought of exams, help is always available.  This page also contains links to websites offering advice about how best to cope with stress.  Your guidance teacher will be happy to help you overcome any difficulties.

The normal SQA routines followed by the school are:

  • S3 - S6 students are registered for the courses that they are studying (Usually in September).
  • The results of any internal assessments are recorded and where necessary transferred on to the SQA (Happens throughout the session).
  • Prelim Exams take place for S4 - S6 students (Dates for this year's exams can be found on the events area of this website).
  • Adjustments are made to levels of study where necessary (Parents are always involved in decisions related to a change of course).
  • Arrangements for any specialist assessment support are finalised in January of the session.  Again parents of these pupils are involved in this process.
  • Estimates are sent to the SQA (Usually around April).
  • Final unit assessment results are processed (In May)
  • Final exams are sat (May - June of each session)

Please note that each student will be asked to check and confirm the final exam course levels.  This check also ensures that:

  • the final certificate contains their correct personal details and
  • the delivery address for the results is correct.

Should for any reason, a pupil require to submit a request for a post result query, then they are advised to speak both to the Principal Teacher of that subject and also Mr Bowman.  The senior students are normally invited to the school in August, to discuss both their option choices and any exam appeal requests. 

2017 Prelim Arrangements

Pupils should check the prelim timetable carefully and report any issues to Mr Bowman. Any pupil with two exams at the same time should also see Mr Bowman.  The timetable has been issued to pupils with a letter, however, a pdf copy can be downloaded from the documents section on this page.

Please note that prelims are not allocated for National 3/4 courses as these courses are subject to ongoing internal assessment. Class teachers will notify pupils of forthcoming National 3/4 Assessments.

In line with Inverclyde Education Service policy, there will be no study leave during prelims and students are expected to attend their normal classes when not sitting a prelim.

The Pupil Support department will contact students individually to finalise any alternative assessment arrangements for prelims. Students should ensure that they follow their individual arrangements which may vary from the prelim timetable.

Seating arrangements will be given to students nearer to the exams. Students should ensure that they are at the correct room at least ten minutes before the start of each exam and should not bring a mobile phone/digital device in to any exam room. This may result in disqualification from that exam.

The main diet of prelims will run from Monday 30th January 2017 – Friday 10th February 2017 (they are shaded in grey). Some exams will run before and after these dates and are mainly in class time. Please note that Art and Hospitality Practical Prelims will run all day.

Any pupil will any questions regarding the prelims should speak to Mr Bowman.

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